Wednesday 11 August: Olivia Yates, PhD Candidate, University of Auckland will speak on
Decentring the Eurocentric Self:
Community and Pacific Perspectives on Psychological Well-being in the Context of Climate Change

Scientific thought in the Industrial era saw interdependent conceptualisations of the self as be recast and reduced into the individualised, Eurocentric self. Born from dissatisfaction with the separation of the self from socio-political contexts, and the minimisation of culturally situated knowledge within research, Community and Pacific scholars are decentring Eurocentrism within Psychology. Alternative understandings of the self as embedded within spiritual, familial, social, cultural, and political spheres have informed the development of holistic models of well-being.  This presentation follows the development of Eurocentric theories of self as contrasted against community and Pacific framings of well-being. Drawing on research about Pacific climate-related migration, we contest reductionistic views of migrant well-being, and propose alternative approaches to working with climate migrants which conceive of the self as inherently relational, and well-being as intrinsically political.

Wednesday 18 August: Andrew Saunders and panel will speak on Faith, Anxiety and Spirituality

more details soon

Wednesday 25 August: Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health, will speak on
Faith and Anxiety in an Age of Pandemic. More details soon. Register for this event HERE