9 :15  Registration

9.30 Introduction

9.45   Rev. Prof. Andy  Gosler The cultural Evolution  of Evolution

10.45   MT

11.15  Dr. Graeme Finlay Common genetic mechanism, divergent effects  and divineprovidence

12.15 Rev. Prof. Barbara Rossing,Jesus and Healing: An Exploration

1.00 LUNCH

2.00  Dr.RuthBarton & Prof. Bill Jordan Ladybugs and fruit flies: ,Evolutionary progress and the divine in the thought of Theodosius Dobzhansky

 3.00   Prof. John Stenhouse  Reading Darwin in Colonial New Zealand: Beyond the Conflict Thesis

4.00 AT

4.30 –5.30   Prof. Grant Gillett Neural networks, thinking and faith

6.30 Dinner



 9.00  Rev. Prof. Barbara Rossing , Ecology, Evolution and the Bible

10  MT

10.30 Rev. Prof. Andy Gosler, In Communion with Nature

11.30  Dr. Nicola Hoggard Creegan The Evolution of Morality and the Changing Shape of the Dialogue

12.30   LUNCH

1.30  Martin Samson Steiner and the Spiritual Senses

2.15 Workshops: Science and Faith in the Chaplaincy and the Classroom

3.15 AT