How can a scientist be a Christian?

Many of us in science are also Christians! Christians find that their faith resonates with the order and beauty and mystery of the natural world. Along with beauty and perfection there is much in the world that is out of kilter. Science is devoted in part to the healing and restoration of the world and its creatures.

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Do you believe in miracles?

Yes! But scientists are not looking for the miraculous; they are searching for the regularities in nature. What is known as miraculous, however, may well be the unveiling of deeper and less accessible aspects of nature. 

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How do you reconcile Genesis with evolution?

Genesis is deep and ancient Hebrew writing. Interpretations of Genesis have changed over the centuries. Today there are many different approaches and interpretations.  Understandings and interpretations of evolution have also changed as first genetic and then more complex factors have been added to Darwin’s (and others’) nineteenth century positions. There is no unified view but many of our members do not think there is any necessary conflict between Genesis and evolution.  Life has a material history and life belongs to God. Unpacking these polarities yields a rich conversation. Join us in the blog. 

We will be exploring this question in blog posts, but to start your exploration of this topic, we recommend the resources page and the small group page which have further information.

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