Conversations Part Two, 2022: Visions of the Future

Science has reached a new frontier where ideas once confined to the pages of science fiction seem to be within our grasp. How should Christians think critically about human enhancement, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies, and do they challenge the biblical picture of what it means to be human? 

View this fascinating series of lectures from scientists and theologians tackling the massive ethical issues raised by emerging technologies.

Auckland Lectures: Mātauranga Maori, Science and God

Ven. Dr. Lyndon Drake, Acquiring and using knowledge: divine revelation, Mātauranga Māori, and science
August 30

Sean Cleary, Weaving Mātauranga Māori into Science teaching in a Christian school: An holistic way through engagement with special character
September 7 

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September 14 (Wednesday) Dr. Natasha Tassell-Matamua, Kei hea te wairua? Re-cognising wairua in and as science

Conversations Part One, 2022: Climate and Creation

ISCAST and NZCIS joint lectures, 3rd of March to the 12th of May 2022
Half hour lecture + half hour discussion.

What does it mean to live as God’s people in the 21st century after Christ? Especially, what does it mean to care for the planet—God’s planet—at a time when we are now aware of the profound effects humans are having on the creation? While scientific and technological advances have made the world a much better place for billions of people, we have also reached the point where those same advances could be globally devastating. Are there specifically Christian attitudes to creation care? And how should different “Christian” views be reconciled? This series of conversations promises to lead participants into this discussion.

Boyle Lecture: Christopher Southgate

ISSR is proud to announce that the 2022 Boyle Lecture on Science and Religion will be given by Prof Christopher Southgate, Professor of Christian Theodicy at University of Exeter, on the topic of
“God and a World of Natural Evil: Theology and Science in Hard Conversation”
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The video is openly available via Youtube live-stream (no registration required) on the ISSR channel: HERE

Wellington Winter Lectures

Saturday 6 August
St Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis St

Prof. Jeff Tallon, ‘Seeing the Invisible – black holes, the universe and our place in it’ 
Dr. Greg Liston, ‘Spirit, Time and Transformation’
Dr. Gray Manicom, ‘What the Mysteries of Mathematics Reveal About the Creator’
Dr. Nicola Hoggard Creegan,  ‘From Hiroshima to Recombinant DNA: The importance of ethical reflection’