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Subtitle C-Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence of Department of Energy Sec xanthine medications . Consolidation of Department of Energy Offices of Intelligence and Counterintelligence medicine ball exercises . Report and annual briefing on Iranian expenditures supporting foreign military and terrorist activities treatment qt prolongation . Congressional notification of designation of covered intelligence officer as persona non grata medicine bow national forest . Inclusion of security risks in program management plans required for acquisition of major systems in National Intelligence Program. Assessment of contracting practices to identify certain security and counterintelligence concerns. Encouragement of cooperative actions to detect and counter foreign influence operations. Oversight by Inspector General of the Intelligence Community over intelligence community whistleblower matters. Making certain policies and execution plans relating to personnel clearances available to industry partners. Annual reports on influence operations and campaigns in the United States by the Communist Party of China. Comprehensive economic assessment of investment in key United States technologies by companies or organizations linked to China. Report on deepfake technology, foreign weaponization of deepfakes, and related notifications. Study on feasibility and advisability of establishing Geospatial-Intelligence Museum and learning center. Identification of and countermeasures against certain International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catchers. There is authorized to be appropriated for the Cen- 21 tral Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability Fund 22 $514,000,000 for fiscal year 2020. The authorization of appropriations by this subdivi- 8 sion shall not be deemed to constitute authority for the 9 conduct of any intelligence activity which is not otherwise 10 authorized by the Constitution or the laws of the United 11 States. Appropriations authorized by this subdivision for sal- 15 ary, pay, retirement, and other benefits for Federal em16 ployees may be increased by such additional or supple17 mental amounts as may be necessary for increases in such 18 compensation or benefits authorized by law. Each such report, consistent with the protection of sources and methods, shall include the following: (i) A description of foreign counterintelligence and cybersecurity threats to campaigns of candidates for Federal office. Such briefings shall include, at a min19 imum, an overview and update of- 20 21 22 23 24 25 ``(1) the counterintelligence posture of the Bureau; ``(2) counterintelligence investigations; and ``(3) any other information relating to the counterintelligence activities of the Bureau that the Director determines necessary. The Director shall consult the congressional intelligence committees during such development. Briefings and notifications on counterintelligence activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Annual reports on influence operations and campaigns in the United States by the Russian Federation. Such report 13 shall include each of the following: 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 (1) An analysis of the current use of facial recognition technology by the intelligence community. Such report shall include identification of 14 those who carried out, participated in, ordered, or were 15 otherwise complicit in or responsible for the death of 16 Jamal Khashoggi. The report shall address the following: (A) the extent of the collection by the intelligence community, from all sources (including the governments of foreign countries), of intelligence and information relating to illicit financing of espionage and foreign influence operations directed at the United States, and any gaps in such collection. Director of National Intelligence review of placement of positions within the intelligence community on the Executive Schedule. Repeal of Department of Energy Intelligence Executive Committee and budget reporting requirement. Plan for designation of counterintelligence component of Defense Security Service as an element of intelligence community. Collocation of certain Department of Homeland Security personnel at field locations. Assessment of significant Russian influence campaigns directed at foreign elections and referenda.

Periodic report on positions in the intelligence community that can be conducted without access to classified information medicine hat weather , networks symptoms by dpo , or facilities medications during labor . Report on protections for confidentiality of whistleblower-related communications treatment 02 . Notification of travel by accredited diplomatic and consular personnel of the Russian Federation in the United States. Report on role of Director of National Intelligence with respect to certain foreign investments. Report on surveillance by foreign governments against United States telecommunications networks. Reports and briefings on national security effects of global water insecurity and emerging infectious disease and pandemics. Annual report on memoranda of understanding between elements of intelligence community and other entities of the United States Government regarding significant operational activities or policy. Study on the feasibility of encrypting unclassified wireline and wireless telephone calls. The amounts that were appropriated for the Intel- 4 ligence Community Management Account of the Director 5 of National Intelligence for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 6 are hereby authorized. The amounts that were appropriated for the Central 13 Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability Fund for 14 fiscal years 2018 and 2019 are hereby authorized. Appropriations authorized by this subdivision for sal- 7 ary, pay, retirement, and other benefits for Federal em8 ployees may be increased by such additional or supple9 mental amounts as may be necessary for increases in such 10 compensation or benefits authorized by law. Whenever the head of an element of the intelligence 14 community enters into an intelligence-sharing agreement 15 with a foreign government or any other foreign entity, the 16 head of the element shall consider the pervasiveness of 17 telecommunications and cybersecurity infrastructure, 18 equipment, and services provided by adversaries of the 19 United States, particularly China and Russia, or entities 20 of such adversaries in the country or region of the foreign 21 government or other foreign entity entering into the agree22 ment. The report shall include- 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 (1) a description of the methodology used to make the determination under subsection (b)(2); and (2) guidance for the use of cyber protection support and tracking of support requests for personnel receiving cyber protection support under subsection (b). Upon receipt of 18 the plan, the congressional committees shall have 60 days 19 to submit comments to the Director of National Intel20 ligence before such plan shall be implemented. Section 5315 of title 5, United States Code, is 19 amended by adding at the end the following: 20 ``Director of the National Counterintelligence and Se- 21 curity Center. Subsection (a) of section 5 of the Central Intelligence 16 Agency Act of 1949 (50 U. Subject to paragraph (2), the Director may determine the amount of each such increase by taking into account- ``(A) the severity of the qualifying injury; ``(B) the circumstances by which the covered employee became injured; and ``(C) the seniority of the covered employee. Subsection (a)(1) of section 15 of the Central Intel- 5 ligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U. Not later than 90 days after the date of the enact- 8 ment of this Act, the Director of National Intelligence and 9 Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, in coordina10 tion with the Director of the National Counterintelligence 11 and Security Center, shall submit to the congressional in12 telligence committees, the Committee on Armed Services 13 of the Senate, and the Committee on Armed Services of 14 the House of Representatives a plan to designate the coun15 terintelligence component of the Defense Security Service 16 of the Department of Defense as an element of the intel17 ligence community by not later than January 1, 2021. Immi3 gration and Customs Enforcement, and the heads of such 4 other elements of the Department of Homeland Security 5 as the Under Secretary considers appropriate, opportuni6 ties for collocation of officers of the Office of Intelligence 7 and Analysis in the field outside of the greater Wash8 ington, District of Columbia, area in order to support 9 operational units from U. Such report shall identify the States 9 and localities affected and shall include cyber attacks and 10 attempted cyber attacks against voter registration data11 bases, voting machines, voting-related computer networks, 12 and the networks of Secretaries of State and other election 13 officials of the various States. Such assess2 ment shall include- 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (1) a summary of such significant Russian influence campaigns, including, at a minimum, the specific means by which such campaigns were conducted, are being conducted, or likely will be conducted, as appropriate, and the specific goal of each such campaign; (2) a summary of any defenses against or responses to such Russian influence campaigns by the foreign state holding the elections or referenda; (3) a summary of any relevant activities by elements of the intelligence community undertaken for the purpose of assisting the government of such foreign state in defending against or responding to such Russian influence campaigns; and (4) an assessment of the effectiveness of such defenses and responses described in paragraphs (2) and (3). The briefing shall be classified and address, at a minimum, the following: (A) A description of the significant foreign cyber intrusion or active measures campaign, as the case may be, covered by the determination. Such briefing may be classified and made available only to individuals with appropriate security clearances. Such plan shall include notes of any required changes in investigative and adjudicative standards or resources. Such review shall include identification of whether any such information currently collected is unnecessary to support the adjudicative guidelines. Such plan shall include recommended interim 15 milestones for the goals set forth in subsections (b) and 16 (c) for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Not later than 180 days after the date of the enact- 13 ment of this Act, the Security Executive Agent shall, in 14 coordination with the Inspector General of the Intelligence 15 Community, submit to the appropriate congressional com16 mittees a report detailing the controls employed by the in17 telligence community to ensure that continuous vetting 18 programs, including those involving user activity moni19 toring, protect the confidentiality of whistleblower-related 20 communications. The assessment shall be based on intel10 ligence from all sources, including from the Office of Ter11 rorism and Financial Intelligence of the Department of 12 the Treasury. In carrying out the advance notification requirements 10 set out in section 502 of the Intelligence Authorization 11 Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (division N of Public Law 115­ 12 31; 131 Stat.

Supercapacitors (also called electric double-layer capacitors or ultracapacitors) are more efficient and consist of two activated-carbon electrodes medicine hollywood undead , an electrolyte medications 2 times a day , and a porous separator that permits the flow of ions but not electrons between the electrodes medicine z pack . When a current is passed across the electrodes 2c19 medications , ions from the electrolyte are absorbed into the pores of both oppositely charged electrodes and are stored there. The storage of energy is electrostatic and not chemical, as in batteries; as a result, supercapacitors can both store and deliver energy rapidly. The benefits of supercapacitors are that they have a virtually unlimited life (they can be charged and discharged millions of times); they recharge in seconds, not hours; and they cannot be overcharged. Their limitations are that they discharge all their energy Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. For small applications and as a backup for short bursts of energy, a small supercapacitor could suffice; but for an electric car that otherwise runs on 400 kg of lead-acid batteries, a supercapacitor would have to weigh 8 tons (Okamura, 2004). Batteries and capacitors are changing rapidly, and the two technologies are converging. Storage density is directly related to the amount of surface area of the electrodes and their pores where ions are absorbed. The electrodes of current supercapacitors are made of activated carbon, an amorphous material with nonuniform pores. Packed together as viewed with an electron microscope, they collectively look like a paintbrush. If a thin layer of lithium is deposited on one side of the nanocomposite paper, the device can act as a rechargeable battery. The two configurations can be used together as hybrids that have the desirable features of both batteries and supercapacitors (Pushparaj, 2007). There are many emerging approaches to batteries, for example, using biochemical processes to generate electricity and even using air as a chemical reactant in a lithium-oxygen or zinc-air device. The question for all of them is whether they can be developed into applications that meet the needs of small-scale farmers and rural communities. If they are to do that, the potential spectrum of the applications needs to be defined first-from rechargeable hand tools and small-farm equipment or vehicles to energy storage for the village-scale wind turbine. Coupling an understanding of the requirements for those applications with a plan for producing storage devices with the right specifications could move off-the-shelf applications to farmers much faster than the market normally would. Given the importance of stand-alone sources of energy and energy storage to rural farmers, helping to make these technologies more feasible and affordable warrants further research and commercialization. Fuel cells generate electricity or store energy in the form of hydrogen or other metals such as zinc or aluminum, and they provide carbon-free electricity with very low emissions, efficiencies of around 50 percent, and flexibility in that power output can be changed very quickly. They are currently expensive for routine use in developing countries, but this could change inasmuch as research is very active (Boyle and Everett, 2004). Hydrogen and metallic fuel cells have been widely advocated as an "energy carrier" for the future, but any practical scheme for large-scale use of hydrogen or other metals would require many steps, including storage and distribution facilities that require capital investments (Boyle and Everett, 2004). Metals such as zinc and aluminum require significant electrical power to refine them from ore or the resulting oxide from battery use. However, many technologies that use renewable energy are being developed for hydrogen or metal generation; they are often suitable for local production, and Africa seems well suited to exploit several of them. The desert regions of Africa seem optimal for the thermal dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen with solar collectors (Steinfield, 2005). Hydrogen can also be produced by direct electrolysis of water; this process could be used to produce hydrogen virtually anywhere from renewable energy: solar power in the deserts, wind power, hydropower, or geothermal energy (Everett and Boyle, 2004). Water can also be split by artificial chemical photosynthesis with photoelectrochemical cells; laboratory tests have confirmed the efficiency of this procedure, but there are problems, including corrosion of the semiconductors. Craig Venter Institute is focusing its efforts on biological production of hydrogen by recombinant cyanobacteria (Xu et al. Biofuels the production of liquid fuels from biomass is controversial worldwide for a number of reasons. One is that growing the feedstock competes with Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. For example, some economic analyses have suggested that if cassava were used as a major source of biofuel, food cassava prices could double or triple (Rosengrant et al.

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The trachea branches into bronchi and then into bronchioles terminating in the alveoli where the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange takes place treatment uti infection . The bronchioles have smooth muscle wrapped around them and are lined by a mucous membrane medicine search . The pleura are serous membranes that line the thoracic cavity and cover the lungs medications or drugs . Parietal refers to wall; therefore the layer that lines the walls of the chest is called the parietal pleura treatment yeast overgrowth . Between these layers is the intraplueral space occupied only by a thin film of lubrication fluid. This space is a potential space not normally present unless air gets in between the layers. Midsternal Line Midclavicular Line Anterior Axillary Line Midaxillary Line Posterior Axillary Line Scapular Line the lungs are also divided. Inspect: Look for deformity, retractions with inspirations, or a displaced trachea. Palpation: Check for areas of pain, masses, and feel for the movement of the chest on deep inspiration. Palpate for tactile fremitus (vibrations felt through the chest wall by palpation). Using your palm at the base of the fingers palpate having the patient repeat the words "ninety-nine". Fremitus is decreased with pnuemothorax and increased when transmission of sound is increased as though consolidated lung of lobar pneumonia. Percussion is used to determine if the underlying tissues are air or fluid filled or solid. The lungs sound dull when fluid replaces air in the lungs as in pneumonia with infiltrate or with hemothorax. Percuss for diaphragmatic excursion, compare the level of the dullness on full expiration and full inspiration, usually moves up and down 5-6 cm. Ausculatation of lung fields: Abnormal breath sounds of the lungs are of two types: a. These sounds are produced when previously closed airways open suddenly in the smaller airways. Wheezes: High pitched musical sound caused by relatively high velocity air flow through a narrowed airway. Rhonci: Deeper, have a snoring quality, caused by the passage of through an airway obstructed by secretions. Inspect chest Palpation of chest Palpation of tactile fremitus Percussion of anterior thorax Auscultation of anterior chest Page 43 of 215 Hospital Corpsman Sickcall Screeners Handbook the Heart and Blood Vessels Anatomy: the heart is positioned behind the sternum and is encased inside a sac called the pericardium, which allows for friction free movement of the heart. The blood pressure reflects these two phases: the systolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries while the heart is contracting, and the diastolic pressure while the heart rests. Incompetence of the valve with regurgitation or back flow of blood into the heart or 2. The cardiac output per minute is equal to how fast the heart is beating and the amount or volume of blood that is pumped out of the heart with each beat. Arteries carry oxygenated blood to the capillaries where the oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide. The veins return the deoxygenated blood back to the heart the heart beat can be felt over the larger arteries. Arteries used to check the pulse are the carotid, brachial, radial, femoral, and popliteal 1. Inspection - Neck veins for distension or pulsations o Check the Precordium for pulsation (the area over the heart) 3. Palpation - Feel for the apical impulse at the apex o Palpate the left sternal boarder and the suprasternal notch (where the base of the heart is located). Mitral valve area at the apex of the heart, fifth intercostal space, mid clavicular line. It is characterized by arteriosclerosis - (a thickening of the walls of the arterioles with loss of elasticity and contractility) and by arterioscleroris - (an accumlation of lipids -cholesterol deposited in the arterioles).