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In addition to camera perspective and historical iconography medications knee cheap calcitriol 0.25mcg online, Schlцndorff shows culpability through characterization treatment hepatitis b discount calcitriol 0.25 mcg. Nowhere is this clearer than in the figures of Bebra and his circus cohorts symptoms bronchitis order calcitriol online pills, all of them as small in stature as Oskar treatment tinnitus order calcitriol in united states online, who meets Bebra early in the Third Reich, a time at which Oskar proclaims he is only an onlooker. Using little people to represent artists is of course a self-explaining metaphor of powerlessness. But at the same time, it also reflects the lack of moral conviction in the artists as fellow travelers. Die Blechtrommel is an expansive epic that examines the question of the moral responsibility of ordinary people in historical events. It looks at the role that ordinary citizens played in the rise of Nazism, their culpability in keeping the Nazis in power, and the choices that could and perhaps should have been made to prevent tragedy. The film, following the novel, conflates physical stature, emotional selfishness, and intellectual immaturity to point an accusatory finger at everyone for what occurred under Hitler and the Nazis. On the one hand, it shows the church, the artists, and most importantly the ordinary citizens as victims of circumstances. On the other hand, it suggests these groups abdicated their responsibility for making moral choices and allowed the Nazis to come to power and carry out their murderous agenda. Be sure to include camera perspective, camera movement, musical accompaniment, number of shots, placement of characters and objects within the shots, and overall content of the sequence. Although we are asked at times to identify with Oskar, at other times it is clear he is simply not a likable character. How does Schlцndorff get us to identify with the figure, and how does he distance us from him? Discuss the sequence with Bebra, Oskar, and Roswita from the aspect of political opportunism. Dutch director Verhoeven follows the adventures of a woman who lives between two worlds, working for the Dutch resistance and yet also collaborating with the Nazis. Based on the Klaus Mann novel of the same name, the film follows the career of an actor who had the chance to leave Germany during the Nazi period but chose to stay to advance his career. The movie is loosely based on the career of Gustav Grьndgens, who successfully sued to keep the novel from being published in Germany. This documentary examines the role of Germans who said they were not Nazis but did nothing to prevent the atrocities committed during the Third Reich. The following films, like the Tin Drum, use humor to look at a very serious subject. The movie is based on another of the works of Gьnter Grass, Katz und Maus (Cat and Mouse), a novella in which the character of a dwarf who plays a tin drum also appears. The film created quite a controversy when the German film industry refused to nominate it for the foreign film category of the Academy Awards on the grounds that it was not truly a German film. An East German film that narrates the story of a man in a concentration camp who keeps up the spirits of his fellow inmates by reporting made-up information he claims to have heard on his hidden (nonexistent) radio. This fictional, psychological comedy about Adolf Hitler and a Jewish prisoner who helped him become a great orator created some controversy because of its subject matter. Hoffmann, who began his career under the Nazis, created one of the first humorous portraits of Germans 214 German Culture through Film during the Third Reich. Even though successful with the public, the film is criticized for trivializing a serious subject. Presumably, these binders contain media accounts and documents about the West German terrorism wave, the role her sister Marianne played in terrorism, and the aftereffects of 1977, the year in which three terrorists, including her sister Marianne, died during the same night in an urban prison-deaths interpreted by the government as suicides but by many others as coldblooded murders perpetrated by the state. Pensively pacing back and forth in her study, Juliane does not seem to have her own definitive version of the recent events. When she opens one of the binders, the flashbacks characterizing most of the film begin. Unlike Juliane, who champions societal change by working within the West German system, her sister Marianne performs acts of terrorism-shown by the film as arson, bank robberies, and bombings-to jolt German society into effecting sorely needed humanitarian changes.

Many of these cases will require the use of specialized equipment in sophisticated techniques beyond the capabilities of local physicians symptoms xeroderma pigmentosum buy genuine calcitriol line. By recruiting a different physician for each team counterfeit medications 60 minutes purchase calcitriol canada, you minimize the chances that this will happen as well as relieve a single physician of the responsibility of having to document and testify in a multitude of cases medicine cabinets with mirrors discount calcitriol generic. By breaking down the numbers into manageable blocks symptoms joint pain fatigue purchase line calcitriol, workers are less likely to feel overwhelmed and confused about w hathas been disclosed and where the next step should lead. Parental Reactions An important consideration is the reaction of the parents of the child victims and parents 0f possible victims. The mismanagement of the parents may be the single most common mistake in these types of cases and the most damaging to a successful investigation in the long run. They feel that the current efforts of investigators are inadequate anri that it is necessary for them to take the lead or augment the investigation. They may meet with other parents and pass information to them about what the other children have said or done. Both of these activities can contaminate the evidence to the extent of invalidating statements taken from these children and their parents at a later date. They might show the child(ren) photographs of possible offenders or drive them to locations where the abuse might have occurred, thus rendering later identification done under proper circumstances useless for prosecutorial purposes. They justify their actions by saying that they, as parents, are the only ones really interested in the welfare of their child, and they want to make sure that it is all done properly and that the welfare of their child is taken into consideration. Another possibility is that the parents have had a sexual abuse issue in their background which is still unresolved. Overprotective this parent has a child or children who mayor may not be among those who have been abused in this situation. The typical presenting sign of this type is outright refusal to allow their child(ren) to be interviewed at all. Some parents base this refusal on the fact that they feel the child(ren) will be more traumatized by the investigation and possible prosecution than they were by any type of abuse. If they confirm behavioral factors that would tend to validate the abuse, the rationale may be tha t the child is young and it is best to let them forget the abuse rather than to "dwell" on it. These contacts might have involved the refusing parent on sexual or physical abuse or neglect charges. No matter what their belief is on the possibility of abuse, they will refuse to cooperate. Investigators should also not discount the possibility that there is an abusive situation which currently exists in the home that the parent is afraid will come to light if someone interviews the child. Retribution this parent has a child who has been a victim of the abuse under investigation. Thl::y are enraged and want immediate and forceful action; no delays are tolerated. They are, for the most part, unfocused in their anger and do not engage in the direct activities of the overreacting parent. The primary damage this kind of parent can do to a case is to go to the media and disclose that either a) the investigation exists, or b) there are details of the case that investigators are keeping under wraps at this time. They may also turn against the investigators and publicly attack their efforts if they perceive that the investigation is not moving swiftly and the offenders are not in jail. Some of this rage may be directed at investigators to cover the fact that the parent may be feeling guilt for perceiving either that they failed to protect their child(ren) or they did not recognize or listen to the signals the child may have been sending regarding the abuse. The parents may feel impotent about their ability to prevent this event from recurring. If they had trusted the offender(s), or had had a friendship or other relationship with the offender, the parents may question their ability to judge people. The possibility that while being in this state the parent will kill or attempt to injure the offender should not be discounted. Nonbelieving this parent has a child who may not have been a vicl:im of the abuse lmder investigation. They refuse, sometimes in the face of irrefutable evidence, that any abuse actually took place or that the offender(s) accused had anything to do with the abuse. The primary damage this type of parent can do is to pressure the disclosing children into recanting. One sign that the children are being pressured is that the children will recant on one offender and name several other individuals as abusers, such as investigators, physicians, etc.

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Professor Seligmann teaches legal writing at the University of Arkansas School of Law medicine cabinets discount calcitriol 0.25mcg without a prescription, Fayetteville treatment 02 order calcitriol australia. Professor Stinson teaches legal writing at the Arizona State University College of Law symptoms stomach ulcer purchase calcitriol in united states online. Professor Zimmerman teaches legal writing at Northwestern University School of Law treatment centers order calcitriol once a day. New Voices in the Legal Academy An article might analyze the use of the Socratic method in law schools in general and in writing courses in particular. Another article might argue that certain principles of rhetoric and literary criticism might serve as the foundations for a coherent philosophy of law study;110 or use principles of rhetorical criticism to argue that legal writing and firstyear casebook courses should be viewed as one ongoing rhetorical activity;111 or examine possible definitions of legal writing and their impact on the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the academy;112 or identify the rhetorical roots of legal reasoning and advocate that law schools use classical rhetorical concepts and vocabulary to teach deductive and analogical reasoning. Another article might compare the historical development and the pedagogical and jurisprudential foundations of le- 107 Elizabeth Fajans & Mary Falk, Comments Worth Making: Supervising Scholarly Writing in Law School, 46 J. Professor Beazley teaches legal writing at Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University. Professor Kearney taught legal writing at Vermont Law School until the twoyear cap on her position expired. Professor Cornwell teaches legal writing at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Professor Greenhaw formerly taught legal writing and currently teaches Introduction to U. Professor Ramsfield taught legal writing at Georgetown University Law Center for many years, and now teaches legal writing at University of Hawaii at Mnoa, William S. Robbins, Paradigm Lost: Recapturing Classical Rhetoric to Validate Legal Reasoning, 27 Vt. An article might use research in cognitive science, psychology, psychotherapy, composition theory, and critical discourse analysis to explore both the role of student conferences and the institutional and individual constraints that may impede learning. Judge Harry Edwards begins his well-known critique of modern legal scholarship117 with an epigram from Felix Frankfurter: "In the last analysis, the law is what the lawyers are. Romantz, the Truth about Cats and Dogs: Legal Writing Courses and the Law School Curriculum, 52 U. Larry Catб Backer, Defining, Measuring, and Judging Scholarly Productivity: Working toward a Rigorous and Flexible Approach, 52 J. Rosenwald 3 (May 13, 1927) (Felix Frankfurter papers, Harvard Law School library) (quoted in Rand Jack & Dana C. Jack, Moral Vision and Professional Decisions: the Changing Values of Women and Men Lawyers 156 (Cambridge U. Careful analysis of legal pedagogy serves all the identified values of scholarship. It advances knowledge about one of our own professions, the profession of teaching. When we talk about scholarship, we should say what we mean, and we should keep our stories straight. The claim that scholarship enhances teaching is one of the primary justifications for devoting so many institutional and personal resources to the scholarship project. We do not claim that all publications about pedagogy should be considered scholarship. Rather, we claim that articles about pedagogy, like other kinds of articles, should be taken seriously enough to be evaluated according to their merit. In the press of other obligations, most professors struggle to find time to write at all. Writing requires stealing time­a lot of time­away from student advising, from sponsoring co-curricular activities, from alumni events, from speaking en123 122 32 the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute [Vol. Category Four: the Institutional Choices Affecting the Teaching of Legal Writing the final category of scholarship we have identified includes articles critiquing the institutional choices affecting the teaching of legal writing. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that category four articles do not deal with the substance or theory of legal writing. Many of these articles take as their starting point a substantive or theoretical misunderstanding that causes a misguided institutional choice.

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Please - I urge you all to read this piece with an open mind and heart treatment 4 hiv calcitriol 0.25 mcg low price, and to carry it with you into your practices medicine allergy discount calcitriol 0.25 mcg amex. Day medications blood donation buy calcitriol paypal, a diehard supporter of the Family Law Section symptoms zinc deficiency husky purchase calcitriol with mastercard, shares with us her thoughts on "Specialty Areas in Parenting Plan Assessments. Day highlights certain areas of concern that may arise in our cases and which require specific training and/or knowledge on the part of the evaluator to determine what would be the best parenting plan for the child or children involved in cases where such issues exist: sexual abuse, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and Religion. Martindale provides his thoughts on Litigation Support Services Offered by Forensic Psychological Consultants. His article offers guidelines on what services can and cannot be expected from a Forensic Psychological expert. Using a Guardian ad Litem in a Dissolution of Marriage Action Involving Children by Attorneys Jessica M. Sheila Furr, (co-author of the Negative Impact of Divorce on Children, referenced above), and colleague Dr. Introducing groundbreaking integration of Lexis and Microsoft Office-content and tools delivered right where you work every day. Florida Supreme Court Justice, Barbara Pariente the Heart of the Matter ­ There are faces behind the cases the image of Nubia ­ golden hair and smile framed by pony tails, sitting up straight and facing the future ­ is with us forever. Hers is the very picture of life and childhood in bloom ­ green eyes and good heart eager for what life might bring. When terrible things happen, we are obliged as people to learn lessons ­ and apply those lessons. Shame on us ­ all of us in Florida ­ if we cannot learn from this so other children have a far less chance to have such horrors visited upon them. I am a parent of three adult children and a grandparent of eight grandchildren ranging from two to sixteen years old. Every time one of my grandchildren makes the honor roll or accomplishes something ground-breaking, I beam with pride. The picture of Nubia smiling out from the report written in her name should haunt each of us. And what is being done to assist families in crisis so that we can prevent the unthinkable deaths of more children? After thirty seven years as a lawyer, with the last thirteen years as a justice on the Florida Supreme Court, I have come to believe that lawyers and judges have the ability to make a difference ­ for better or worse ­ in the lives of children who come in contact with the court system. Our individual and collective actions can help improve the real-life outcomes for children or consign them to potential failure or worse by our neglect and inattention. Most of the lawyers who read this article will likely consider themselves family lawyers and primarily represent spouses in dissolution of marriage cases. Some have undertaken the representation of children in dependency cases on a volunteer basis. All know that proceedings under both Chapter 61 and Chapter 39 require that in deciding issues regarding children, the guiding statutory mantra is "best interests. Family court practitioners know that issues facing their clients do not neatly fit into a particular compartment. Families come to you for assistance in resolving particular matters, but you sense that there are deeper problems lurking. You understand that the lives of children and families do not exist in a vacuum, yet you practice in a system that continues to struggle in its own silos. Is your client or the other parent prone to any type of mental illness or personality disorder? Does your client urge you to file motions in court designed to portray the other parent in the worst possible light? Certainly discrete legal issues must be resolved, but the system seems to operate in a fractured manner, resolving such issues iteratively without enough consideration for the complete picture of a child or a family. As a family practitioner you understand that school related issues are critical considerations in child custody cases. Imagine how difficult and complex these issues become when a child is engaged in the foster care system. The immediacy of the decision and the complex array of hearings and services that must be in place subsequent to the shelter are daunting.

Ifyou feel the necessity to have your child seen by a physician prior to our recommendation to do so symptoms ectopic pregnancy purchase calcitriol 0.25 mcg fast delivery, please feel free to contact (Name of Team Leader) for a medical referral medications used to treat schizophrenia calcitriol 0.25 mcg sale. The long-held stereotype of the single "stranger" offender who abuses a lone victim is one that has increasingly proved to be unrealistic spa hair treatment buy calcitriol with a mastercard. Many of these out-of-home cases now being properly investigated show where there is a single offender medicine ethics purchase calcitriol 0.25mcg without prescription, there will probably be multiple victims (possibly involving hundreds of children) and that a number of these offenders communicate and/or associate with others of like interest. Some investigations may well involve multiple offenders, multiple children, and multiple jurisdictions. These cases are the most complex and time consuming that an investigator is likely to work. The necessity of handling this type of sihlation correctly from its inception is of utmost importance. Media reporting on alleged sexual acts committed against children in numerous out-of-home settings has elevated public and professional concern about the investigative procedures followed as well as the safety of children in general. This media attention does not stop with the initial reporting of the complaint, but continues as the investigation progresses on into the trial stages. The focus of such attention may prompt investigators to move more rapidly and prematurely than the case and caution would otherwise warrant. It is critical in the face of such media pressure that investigators proceed methodically and in an organized manner. In the final analysis, when confronted with such a case, an investigator must pause, plan, prepare, and then proceed carefully. Another overriding concern is the avoidance of pitfalls that defense attorneys will later use to try to destroy your case. Such cases defy the public imagination (and sometimes even that of the professionals investigating the case). These attorneys will try to convince the public jurors that "misguided zealots". The primary defense strategy that has emerged in many cases is to identify the principal investigators as the problem, rather than the offender. By diverting attention away from the defendant, the attorney clouds the issue of exactly who is on trial and what the issues really are. To limit such strategies, investigators are cautioned against relying exclusively on one or two principal investigators and are encouraged to establish two or more separate investiga tive teams and even involve multiple medical examiners when possible. I Investigative Teams and Design As soon as the possibility of a macro-case becomes known, the original investigator should request that additional personnel be assigned. These investigative teams should divide into separate units and act as separate cells with absolutely no direct exchange of information among the different teams. The overall investigation and the work of these cells should be coordinated by a central team leader. It is wise to divide the high-risk population into different clusters and consequently different cells [David Corwin, Presentation atthe Invitational Forum onRitualisticAbuse of Children, Sacramento, California, March 11, 1986]. The actual inter- 59 this investigative format would be followed as long as the possibility of a macro-Ca1"2 continues. While it may not seem to be feasible to commit that many investigators to a single case, the probable outcome will be that, rather than have one or two investigators tied up for an inordinately long period of time, several investigators will finish the work in a short time. This should help assure that interviews, medical examinations, and the collection of physical evidence will be done in a timely fashion. The team coordinator should take the investigative information submitted to him or her and, with the aid of a charting specialist (where available) prepare association and/or flow charting of all the activities and relationships which the interviewees provide. A summary of each interview should be kept to list the name of the interviewee, the primary offender, other victims that the interviewee names, other offenders that the child names, potential witnesses, items of physical evidence mentioned, and locations where the abuse occurred. If multiple locations have been exposed as abuse sights, the possibility of simultaneous raids on these should be explored. Since the potential for removal or destruction of evidence exists, this part of the investigation should move as rapidly as legally possible. As mentioned earlier, different physicians who are trained in the examination of sexually abused children should be utilized. Part 0f this disbelief may come from the issues mentioned under "Retribution," above.

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