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By: D. Boss, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Co-Director, Duquesne University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Some major hospitals such as Asaf Harophe also offer complementary medical treatments such as acupuncture p-cholesterol-ratio buy ezetimibe toronto. The plants used in folk medicines are generally collected from wild resources by healers and folk medicine practitioners cholesterol in poultry eggs cheap ezetimibe master card. About 129 medicinal plant species are still in use in Israel including the Golan Heights and the West Bank cholesterol ratio units buy ezetimibe with a mastercard. Most of these species grow naturally in the different regions of the country and are used extensively in traditional Arabic medicine free cholesterol test orlando purchase cheap ezetimibe on-line. ResearchandDevelopmentActivities There have been preliminary studies on the use of medicinal plants in indigenous Arabic medicine. Most of the surveys in the past were of the Bedouin communities living in the Negev desert and did not include practitioners from other regions. During the period 1981-1983 a large scale ethnobotanical survey was conducted by a team of the Volcani Center in collaboration with scientists from Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities (Dafni et al. A book entitled, Medicinal Plants of the Holy Land was published in Hebrew (1991) and English (2000) based on these surveys. Recently a number of universities and institutes including the Research and Development Regional Centre, the Galilee Society, Shefa Amr (Said et al. In one of the ethnobotanical surveys devoted to diabetes in the late 1980s, a total of 16 species of medicinal plants were identified to be used for hypoglycemic treatments. Its members are leaders in the field of medicinal plants in Israel and are active in research, education, and industrial and clinical herbalism. One of its main goals is to promote the control of safety and high quality use of medicinal plants in Israel. TradeandMarketing Very little information is available on trade of traditional medicine materials in Israel. Almost half of the material in the stores and markets is imported from other countries. Some of the local and imported medicinal plant materials sold in Israel are presented in Table 2 (Lev and Amar, 2000). ProblemsandConstraints Though there is widespread use of folk and natural remedies they have been used without much scientific interpretation and in a non-commercial way until recently. However, during the last 10 years more practitioners with academic backgrounds are operating and more professional people are involved in the trade of medicinal plants. There is a need for legislation and rules for appropriate methods of production and use of medicinal plants in Israel. As general remedy As nourishing health food As antiseptic, in skin and intestine diseases In hair strengthening, wart removal For digestive system In blood sugar As warming medication, in coughs, impotence In jaundice, liver pains In cholesterol lowering, diarrhoea In wound healing, as purgative As general medicinal tea, flatulence, stomachache In kidney stones, blood sugar As diuretic In mouth sores As diuretic, in prostate As tranquilizer, tonic, in respiratory canals In cleaning and disinfecting teeth and gums In haemorrhages, intestinal diseases and pains In asthma, breathing and chest diseases As incense sandalwood In diabetes For strengthening the womb In coughs, sore throat As spinach As strong and dangerous poison Paeonia mascula (L. Volatile compounds Essential oil Clearing halitosis Leaves, frequentlyall aerial parts Flavouring Leaves Origanum vulgare L. Essential oil Spice Leaves 242 PhotographsofsomeleadingmedicinalandaromaticplantsofIsrael Ocimum basilicum L. Jordan has been distinguished throughout history by a rich inventory of natural medicine substances mainly because of its unique location, climate and the diverse topo- 243 graphic structure that promoted the richness of the medicinal and aromatic plants. TraditionalMedicineSystems Traditional medicine is deeply rooted in the history and culture of the country. Folk or traditional medicine provides primary health care and is widely practised by the inhabitants of the remote areas and the nomads who generally inhabit the desert and some areas of the steppe and the uplands. Over the last decade, the interest in traditional medicine including Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture, phytotherapy, homeopathy and chiropractic has been increasing in Jordan. Herbal regulations in Jordan were developed in 2001, and are partly the same as those for conventional pharmaceuticals. MedicinalandAromaticPlantResources Despite being a small country Jordan is well known for the great variation in its wild plant species due to its diverse geographical and climatic conditions. Jordan is known to have approximately 2,000 plant species belonging to about 700 genera. Among these, 485 species belonging to 330 genera and 99 families are categorized as medicinal plants (Afifi and Abu-Irmaileh, 2000). Some important medicinal and aromatic plants found in Jordan are presented in Table 1 (Syouf and Duwayri, 1995). The plants are widely used by Bedouins or local people in folk medicines in various forms such as drinks and fresh or dry raw materials. A number of culinary and medicinal plants are also cultivated in gardens and farms for home consumption and marketing (Sabra and Walter, 2000).

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Nearly 2000 years later cholesterol ratio in india discount ezetimibe 10mg with mastercard, herbalists in Europe still use Vitex agnuscastus as an herb to regulate menstrual cycles cholesterol drugs buy ezetimibe 10mg cheap. Vitex is also known as "the chaste tree" from the historical use of berries of Vitex being chewed by monks as an aid in celibacy cholesterol levels chart in south africa 10 mg ezetimibe for sale. The aerial parts of Chaste tree often do not survive the winter this far north high cholesterol ratio good order ezetimibe from india, but the shrub regrows from the roots each spring. Europe, Africa, Asia Berries, Leaves Chives Allium schoenoprasum Chives were brought to North America by the pioneers. Their medicinal qualities are not as strong as those of garlic, but chives have some antiseptic effect and may lower blood pressure. Asia, Eastern Europe, America Leaves 12 Coltsfoot Tussilaga farfara this plant has poplar-like leaves and a large dandelion-like flower that appears before the leaves do. Ancient and modern herbalists have recommended smoking the dried leaves of coltsfoot to treat cough and symptoms of asthma and chronic bronchitis. Europe Leaves, flower stems Comfrey Symphytum officinale Other common names for comfrey include "boneset" and "knitbone. In some instances, pulverized comfrey root was packed around a fracture site and allowed to set like a plaster cast. Others report boiling or pounding the leaves to release mucilaginous substance, soaking cloth in the water, and wrapping it around a fracture to dry and set like a cast. The wound healing effect of comfrey is due to a substance called allantoin, which stimulates cell proliferation in wound healing and in regenerating peripheral nerves. The name comes from the Greek word koris, which means "bug" or "bedbug," supposedly because the unpleasant smell of crushed unripe seeds was reminiscent of squashed bugs. When the seeds mature and dry they develop a good flavor and are used in many cuisines, especially in Indian curries. Medicinally, the seeds have been used as a diuretic, for intestinal cramps, and as an appetite and digestion enhancer. Mediterranean Seeds Corn Zea mays Freshly picked and dried soft threads of the female flower (corn silks) have been used as a remedy to sooth irritations of the urinary tract, such as urethritis, cystitis, and bladder stones. The daily ingestion of "grits" (corn meal porridge) may lower blood cholesterol levels. Indians, and later physicians, used the dried and aged root to make tea that was a gentle laxative and "stimulant for the liver," promoting the flow of bile. These plants are native to Asia and have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The roots and young shoots were given as a pain reliever and as a remedy for edema, difficult urination, mastitis, breast cancer, and other ailments. While the plant is edible, the roots and shoots should not be consumed in large amounts over a long time. Daylilies are toxic when eaten by cats and cows, due to a neurotoxin causing paralysis and blindness. Asia, Europe Roots, Rhizomes Dill Anethum graveolens In cooking, dill is a useful spice that loses its flavor when overcooked. As a medicine, dill seeds and leaves were used to aid digestion and relieve intestinal cramps and flatulence. Dill was known as "anethon" in ancient Greece, and in the Middle Ages it was used by magicians as a charm against witchcraft. Europe, Asia Leaves, Seeds Dogwood tree Cornus florida Like redbud, the dogwood is another small showy woodland tree and popular landscape plant. And, its bark and roots also have astringent properties and were made into medicines in the form of teas, tinctures, and poultices. In the Civil War, dogwood was used as a cinchona quinine substitute for malarial fever and diarrhea. Dogwood twigs were chewed on to make a brushy end and then used as a toothbrush to clean the teeth. Infusions of flowers have been used to "enhance" the lining of the nose and throat, decreasing the effects of allergies, ear infections, and asthma.

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Secondly cholesterol chart by age uk ezetimibe 10mg without prescription, the global community should develop a common agenda for internalizing the priorities and needs of dry forest and woodland countries average cholesterol by age uk best 10mg ezetimibe. The world community must also provide the strong financial and technical assistance needed by African countries for improvements in forest resource management cholesterol count for foods cheap 10mg ezetimibe visa. How cholesterol in shrimp vs beef order genuine ezetimibe, from a research perspective, should the mismatch between tenure (state) and capacity to regulate access to forestry resources be tackled? It is critical that the profile of the forestry sector be raised at national government level so that sufficient funds are made available at that level. Do we have the right skills and numbers to address dry forest and woodland research? The importance of dry forest and woodland products in providing housing, health care, employment, food, etc. Important services and value are being lost on a daily basis through resource mismanagement and land transformation. This comes with considerable environmental and social costs and is jeopardizing the livelihoods of the poor as well as future economic streams from these systems. Forests and forest product use and management need to be seen as part of a holistic and integrated approach to rural development and poverty alleviation and be acknowledged in key development strategies. Poverty Reduction Strategies, Sustainable Development Strategies) and decentralized planning initiatives. The use of products generated by forest resources needs to be integrated into national surveys for statistical documentation of volumes and values, including household income and expenditure surveys. This type of data could help to generate the policy responses required to address this sector. Indigenous or traditional knowledge embedded in customary laws, norms, beliefs and practices relating to the use and management of specific dry forest species needs to be included in any efforts to improve forest and species management. Furthermore, the interaction, and potential synergies, between such informal controls and more formal mechanisms such as government imposed restrictions need to be understood. Indeed, the latter is often controversial with a high market value sometimes resulting in precisely the opposite outcome to that desired, resulting in overexploitation rather than conservation. The trade in lesser known forest products and services needs to be supported at all levels, from local to international, through the provision of appropriate business support services and a favourable policy environment. Local and regional trade should not be ignored in the pursuit of high value international markets, as all levels of trade have a vital role to play in the livelihoods of those involved, with support for the local level trade often being an important way to target some of the poorest people and women in particular. Institutionalized support needs to be provided for the commercialization of forest products, including micro-credit provision, skills training, organizational capacity building and development of value added products to assist local producers to expand their trading activities. Targeted subsidies and support programmes that can make the cash sale of forest products more viable need attention (Petheram et al, 2006). The objective of this chapter is to bring together issues raised in the preceding chapters and propose plans and strategies for managing dry forests and woodlands for increasing the benefits of these vegetation types in a sustainable manner. Firstly, it examines the social-political context of sustainable forest management and the cross-cutting issues of policy and legislation that underpin the implementation of plans and strategies concerning natural resources management. Secondly, this chapter discusses the dynamics of dry forests and woodlands in the face of global change. Thirdly, the chapter briefly suggests ways of managing African dry forests and woodlands for multiple products and services before ending with a section on the way forward. In this regard, issues pertaining to land and resource tenure, the associated property and access rights, and the need for integrated land-use planning must be addressed. It is our contention that institutional and political processes interact with economic and environmental or bio-physical factors depending on the management or conservation objectives. Further, we believe that macro level policies are very important in influencing forest management. In some cases, however, policy reform adds a layer of insecurity and uncertainty concerning the attainment of management objectives. Furthermore, it has been noted that uncertainties linked to long cutting cycles coupled with slow growth rates have made planning difficult, leading to overharvesting.

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The psychotherapy provided a path out: We found that our acceptance and empathic understanding of their difficulties permitted the "unacceptable" negative side of their ambivalence gradually to reach consciousness is there high cholesterol in eggs 10mg ezetimibe overnight delivery. Sinceanxietyheightens both itching and scratching cholesterol test strips purchase genuine ezetimibe online, the child also benefitted from the better relationship with a mother who was more appropriate cholesterol vs saturated fat buy ezetimibe 10mg on-line, consistent is there cholesterol in eggs bad for you buy genuine ezetimibe on-line, and at peace with herself. Often spouses will slip all too comfortably into the role of an alternately harsh and oversolicitous parent who becomes the partner in an endless Stop Scratching dance. At the University of California in San Francisco, Cole and colleagues gathered ten adults with severe, chronic atopic eczema that had been particularly unresponsive to medical care. Then everyone learned the psychological techniques as the residents evaluated their progress through twelve weeks of treatment and a onemonth follow-up. Each patient studied and recorded the times and rates of his or her own scratching using a hand counter. The observations then extended to physical sensations and then to the thoughts and emotions triggering scratching. A rating of the amount of pleasure experienced with scratching was an important addition. Next came training in techniques to provide relief without damaging skin or initiating the itch-scratch cycle. Anticipating their high-risk periods let people do the relaxation and imaging exercise in advance. As they became more sophisticated, people were urged to focus more on the emotions (such as anxiety, helplessness, anger, or resentment) that triggered bouts of scratching. They were also supported to look for secondary benefits from their problem and at the pitfalls of learned helplessness. Itching and other sources of anxiety became reminders to use new coping skills rather than the start of a vicious itchscratch cycle. The group showed improved skin, less scratching, and reduced use of steroid cream. Note that none of these results were miracle cures but solid, hard-won improvements. You have to own and embrace an action, feeling, or characteristic before you can get rid of it. They really studied the settings, relationships, thoughts, emotions, and gratifications that fueled the itch-scratch cycle. Find better techniques for soothing, getting needed attention, protesting, or whatever and the symptoms will be history. Melin, et al, "Behavioural Treatment of Scratching in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis," British Journal of Dermatology 115-4 (1986):467-464. Nunn, "Habit Reversal: A Method of Eliminating Nervous Habits and Tics," Behavior Research and Therapy 11 (1973):619. Ayllon, "The Behavioral Treatment of Neurodermatitis Through Habit Reversal, "Behavior Research and Therapy 19(1981): 313. Signs of progress can take many forms, including some that easily escape your notice. Psychotherapists call it resistance, and it means your symptom is holding on despite your efforts. Just to recognize that you or your symptom are holding on can be a major breakthrough. Jean, whose eczema dates from birth, may get as good results as Jane, whose skin was fine until last February, but it will probably take a lot more time and energy to get there. Similarly, a severe, widespread rash will probably demand more effort than a limited eruption. Those on the head and neck are more tractable, and those on the hands and feet respond quickest of all. Younger people are usually in a more active state of flux and formation than their elders, and this gives them a head start in making changes. When skin symptoms are tied to a time of upheaval, such as adolescence or divorce, they often improve quickly.

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Still cholesterol levels for heart disease buy ezetimibe overnight delivery, the memory (and especially the painful emotions that belong to it) will not go away: it implacably finds its way to the surface cholesterol ratio and risk order cheap ezetimibe on line. An unexpressed memory may be visible in postures and movements: the way that a man breathes can encapsulate the fact that he was "smothered" as a young child cholesterol level chart in malaysia discount ezetimibe master card. A psychosomatic symptom may be a symbolic memorial to an event or pattern of events too difficult emotionally to face directly cholesterol medical term definition buy 10mg ezetimibe amex. Vic In his book Hypnosis in Skin and Allergic Diseases,xix dermatologist Michael J. Scott describes a veteran airline pilot who developed mysterious herpes blisters on his forehead each time his flight schedule took him over a particular canyon. In hypnotherapy (psychotherapy conducted in a hypnotic trance), he recalled that the canyon had a special meaning for him. The stereotypical blush occurs when the young lady overhears an off-color remark or a joke that she, in her innocence, surely cannot understand. By subtle hints and signs, many parents tell children not to be what they are and not to feel what they feel. Once more, nothing in the realm of emotions simply dries up and blows away on command. The truth we deny frequently rises to the surface to speak itself through the body. The child had been colicky, crying incessantly day and night, and her husband, an accountant, made things no better. His response was to withdraw, pretending the turmoil of his household did not exist. Gradually, the problem grew so severe that it necessitated cutting off her wedding ring: a symbolic fulfillment of the taboo but heartfelt wish to be out of her marriage and motherhood. Sarah only understood the emotional logic of her dermatitis years later, when she finally gathered the strength and awareness to end her unsatisfying marriage. Time is the medium in which we realize our dreams, but it is also in time that we suffer loss. If they express their regret persuasively, children may unconsciously oblige them by remaining "forever young. He may sabotage promotions because deep inside he feels only good enough for a routine, low-level job. Out of exaggerated loyalty to his parents, he may unconsciously refuse to make them old by his own adult accomplishments. Stella Warts under her fingernails drove twenty-two-year-old Stella to distraction and forced her to quit her job as a dental hygienist. She seemed to have a run of bad luck in relationships: one man after another began as attentive and caring but soon turned abusive and humiliating. Insistence that she be the perfect daughter, complete with spotless fingernails and straight-A report card, or that he be the flawless athlete-scholar son deny the reality of the child. Children unable to develop healthy self-esteem may become adults who counterfeit what their parents failed to foster. These are the tiresome characters who insist on telling you how important their jobs are, how smart their children are, how fine their house and car are. These people also have a need to subtly communicate that there is much more to them than the carefully cultivated public image. His nearly perfect face, however, was marred by acne that perversely flared up just before major assignments. Lance was the youngest of a series of brothers, each of whom had been pressed by their mother to fill the emotional gap left by their depressed, alcoholic father. Lance had valiantly tried to be her champion, had excelled in high school sports and even looked the part, but his acne repeatedly surfaced, the weakest link under his heavy emotional burden. While his mother encouraged his success, she also constantly expressed an unspoken reproach: "How can you be so happy, young, and successful when your poor divorced mother is so miserable?

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