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By: J. Raid, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

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Her private school cost less money than what the district spends per child for a year of public elementary education arthritis in neck best treatment purchase naproxen toronto. Her long term outlook is much better because I choice to work with her schools in supporting her arthritis in knee wiki cheap naproxen online mastercard. Did you know that Streznewski found that 20% of a prison population tested 103 gifted Professional development is an essential step in stopping the school to prison pipeline and redirecting up to 20% of our prison population to productive workforce (and ultimately reducing our prison population by 20%) arthritis pain in feet purchase 250mg naproxen fast delivery. We want the state plan to support implementing the arts as an intervention strategy arthritis medication arcoxia buy naproxen 250mg with mastercard. Did you know that Streznewski found that 20% of a prison population tested gifted The conundrum of this population is that it shines when the work is hard, and falters when the work is easy. In the worst cases, they can become antisocial, angry, and disconnected from the community that fails to meet their needs. Title I funds should be used for universal testing of students for highly capable services. My son is very highly capable and we are fortunate to live in Lake Washington School District, which has an elementary program for highly capable students. Please provide sufficient funding to enable all students to be tested in early elementary school, and again later if necessary, to determine whether they would qualify for and benefit from being in a special program. Please also provide funding so that teachers and other school staff such as counselors can receive the special training that they need to support these students academically and with their social and emotional skills 107 Melissa Sutton (Supporting Excellent Educators) Parent/Guardian Teachers need not only to receive education on how to identify gifted students, but on how to easily facilitate differentiated work to provide the gifted children with the challenges that they need. That should not only include those that are academically struggling, but also that are highly capable. Without financial support from the state most districts will be unable to meet the state requirement to provide adequate education to all children. Although Washington state law guarantees appropriate education for them, no consensus exist on what that looks like, nor the training teachers should have to meet their needs. Time and again, they have programming that on the surface claims to be geared toward them. I wish to share some well-written points from other parents/organizations regarding these matters: 1. Late elementary universal identification, around 5th grade, provides access for students who did not test well at a young age, for reasons that can range from language acquisition to unaddressed disabilities. Elizabeth Clearman (General Feedback/Topic Not Listed) Garrison Middle School Teacher We need provisions for gifted education in the plan. I am shocked that there is virtually no money offered to teach teachers how to teach gifted students. Background on Highly Capable Funding In our state, highly capable program funding pays for (1) the costs of identifying students who are in need of highly capable services and (2) professional development to aid teachers in serving this challenging population. Underchallenged highly capable students underachieve, and even drop out of high school or college. The evaluation system should recognize and reward these teachers in ways that make a difference for them. Ridding the profession of the lowest-performing teachers is a highleverage win for students quality supervision requires providing adequately-staffed administrative personnel who are welltrained, and whose supervision is in turn supervised and evaluated. Early universal identification, such as in 1st grade, engages highly capable students in critical early grades. Tara Shaner (Challenging Academic Standards and Academic Assessments) Parent/Guardian Please invest equitable resources in identifying and enriching highly-capable students, not just those who are struggling. Finally, provisions were in place federally for schools to access more pockets of funding for the proper identification and education of this special needs group. Washington state has been among the leaders nationally, recognized for declaring that for a student identified as highly capable access to specialized services are part of their basic education.

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The procedures must be designed to achieve a jury randomly selected from a cross section of the community arthritis in lower cervical spine order naproxen 500mg on-line. These procedures may not be discriminatory or contravene the other provisions of the Act arthritis in feet and legs cheap naproxen express. Section 1863 requires each district to establish a jury commissioner or court clerk to manage the jury selection process arthritis neck jaw pain buy discount naproxen on-line. Each district has certain classes or groups of people who can opt to be excused from jury service arthritis pain relief ointment purchase naproxen 500mg on line, while other people or classes may be completely barred from jury service. Section 1863 exempts from jury service: servicemen on active duty, fire and policemen, and public officers actively engaged in official duty. The district court can exempt other groups or occupational classes so long as the exemption is in the public interest, is not inconsistent with the policy of the Act, and is not discriminatory. Most federal districts derive the master jury list by random selection from a computer drawn list of registered voters in the district. These questionnaires are used to determine whether a person is unqualified, exempt, or to be excused from jury service. To qualify, an individual must be a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, and have resided in the judicial district for a period of at least one year. A juror must be able to read, write, and speak the English language with a degree of proficiency. A juror cannot be mentally or physically infirm such as to render the juror incapable. An individual who has a charge pending against him or her for the commission of a crime or who has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and whose civil rights have not been restored is ineligible to serve on a jury. A qualified jury list is pulled from the master list and consists of persons determined to be qualified and not exempt or excused according to the district court plan. These prospective jurors are sent a second questionnaire called the "juror information form. Although the parties are not entitled to the jury qualification questionnaires or the juror information forms, some courts allow the attorneys to receive and inspect them. When parties contemplate a challenge to the composition of the jury pool, the court is required to turn over the jury qualification or information form. For example, if the method by which the venire is selected from the pool is challenged, records of the jury clerk should be available for such a motion. A trial jury is selected from a subset of the entire jury pool called the jury panel or venire, which is summoned to be available for trial in federal court. No one can be required to serve (or attend court for prospective jury service) for a total of more than thirty days within a two year period, except as may be necessary to complete service in a particular case. Voir dire in federal court is generally very restricted and is conducted by the trial judge. The goal of voir dire is to elicit information about the prospective jurors to uncover biases, opinions, and attitudes as well as their life experiences. The amount of information that is considered necessary is left to the broad discretion of the court. Many seasoned attorneys believe the best use of the time is to garner information about each juror rather than try to educate the jury on legal issues. Voir dire is a critical stage of the criminal proceeding, during which the defendant has a constitutional right to be present. Counsel should always fight for the opportunity to personally voir dire prospective jurors. The attorney should file a motion pretrial requesting attorney conducted voir dire. The motion should be tailored to the case and focus on areas of concern that may be important issues in your case. A discussion of cause and peremptory challenges used to strike individual prospective jurors is found in section 8. A trial by a jury selected in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner violates the Due Process Clause and the Sixth Amendment. The absence of individuals from racial or other cognizable groups violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution only "if it results from purposeful discrimination. The Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968 entitles a federal criminal defendant to a jury selected at random from a fair cross section of the community, free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status. A defendant has an absolute right to the records of the local district that show the manner in which the jury pool was created if he is considering a challenge to the composition of the pool.

Most courts arthritis research treatment center stockbridge ga buy naproxen line, nonetheless arthritis knee swelling discount 250 mg naproxen with mastercard, require a showing of prejudice to the defendant before dismissing the indictment or granting other relief on this ground rheumatoid arthritis usmle purchase 500 mg naproxen mastercard. Where such prejudice is found: (1) the subpoena may be quashed if it has not yet been honored; (2) evidence obtained thereby may be suppressed if it has been honored; or (3) a new trial may be granted if a verdict has been reached arthritis back generic naproxen 500 mg amex. While neither the prosecutor nor federal investigative agencies may use a subpoena to circumvent the appropriate grand jury proceedings to obtain information, courts have generally allowed prosecutors Prosecutorial Misconduct 7-313 to serve grand jury subpoenas duces tecum, allowing the witness to voluntarily comply with documentary or other requests, in lieu of attendance. The Third Circuit has held that issuing a grand jury subpoena to an undercover agent in the pseudonym he used during the investigation was neither prosecutorial misconduct nor a due process violation where the grand jury was unaware of the subpoena and no prejudice to defendant was shown. Another example of abuse of process is the use of a subpoena for a collateral end in a criminal proceeding. Using a subpoena to obtain evidence which has been previously suppressed on constitutional grounds is prosecutorial misconduct. Also, a prosecutor may not use a subpoena in a coercive fashion to compel a friend or relative of the defendant into cooperating with the government or to compel a guilty plea from the defendant. Other forms of civil process may also constitute misconduct, depending on the purpose for their issuance. For example, administrative inspection warrants used by a prosecutor to gather evidence for a criminal prosecution are clearly improper. If the basic purpose of the administrative warrant is one related to criminal proceedings and not to a civil investigation, its use in a criminal investigation is an improper subterfuge and should be challenged by counsel. Unfortunately, courts view the dismissal of an indictment based on prosecutorial misconduct as "an extreme sanction which should be infrequently utilized. The overall secrecy surrounding these proceedings makes the situation even more difficult for defense attorneys trying to uncover prosecutorial misconduct before the grand jury. The courts, however: do not protect the integrity and independence of the grand jury by closing [their] eyes to the countless forms of prosecutorial misconduct that may occur inside the secrecy of the 7-314 Prosecutorial Misconduct grand jury room. After all, the grand jury is not merely an investigatory body; it also serves as a `protector of citizens against arbitrary and oppressive governmental action. It blinks reality to say that the grand jury can adequately perform this important historic role if it is intentionally misled by the prosecutor - on whose knowledge of the law and facts of the underlying criminal investigation the jurors will, of necessity, rely. Examples discussed in this section are: (1) the use of inflammatory and inadmissible evidence; (2) improper witness impeachment; (3) coercion of defense witnesses; (4) withholding exculpatory evidence; (5) misconduct during closing argument; (6) use of unsworn testimony; (7) improper targeting of defense counsel; and (8) commenting on the invocation of the Fifth Amendment privilege. The circuits use similar tests to review claims of prosecutorial misconduct during trial. This circuit then looks at four factors to determine flagrancy: (1) whether the remarks tended to mislead the jury or prejudice the accused, including whether cautionary jury instructions were given; (2) whether they were isolated or extensive; (3) whether they were deliberately or accidentally placed before the jury; and (4) the strength of evidence against the defendant. If the impropriety is not flagrant, the court will reverse only when: (1) the proof against the defendant was not overwhelming; (2) opposing counsel objected to the conduct; and (3) no curative instruction was given. The Second Circuit looks at similar factors: (1) the severity of the misconduct; (2) whether curative measures were taken; and (3) the likelihood of conviction absent any misconduct. Ultimately, however, this circuit will reverse a conviction for prosecutorial misconduct only if the defendant was deprived of a fair trial. The District of Columbia Circuit uses these same standards in its three-part test. Prosecutorial Misconduct 7-315 the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits use a more general analysis than the Sixth Circuit. In the Seventh Circuit, the courts ask: (1) is the remark in isolation proper, and (2) in light of the record, was the defendant deprived of a fair trial To obtain a reversal in the Ninth Circuit, the defendant needs to show he or she was prejudiced by the misconduct. It must be more probable than not that the misconduct materially affected the verdict. Generally, if a prosecutor repeatedly disregards evidentiary rulings of the court, prejudicial error is more likely to be found based on the cumulative effect of the errors. For example, a prosecutor may not attempt to delve into subjects in order to prejudice the jury. The prosecutor may not introduce evidence of other crimes irrelevant to the crime charged against the defendant. This includes attempts to ask questions without any factual basis which are designed to suggest that such a factual basis exists.


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In other words arthritis urethritis conjunctivitis cheap naproxen 500 mg overnight delivery, they stress a specificity that can be interpreted as humanmachine writing arthritis pain relief yahoo discount 500mg naproxen mastercard. This under standing of code underscores the distinction between the written code and its execu tion arthritis in my back treatment order naproxen cheap online, while not seeing them as operating independently but as deeply intertwined arthritis in dogs weight loss order 500 mg naproxen fast delivery, with one influencing the other-and, in the case of live coding, mutually influencing each other. What is important is the relation to the consequences of that action" (Cox and McLean 2013, 38). There are many levels of interpreting, compiling, and linking that take place in the execution of written code which can be understood only in the context of the overall structure and processes of the computer. In this sense, the authenticity of a work has to be consid ered as the relation between the material and conceptual: in its writing and thus in its execution, code is conceptual and material at the same time. Code as an entity is fixed and static, a language that is interpreted by the program that runs it. As Florian Cramer and Ulrike Gabriel suggest, "software is machine control code, it follows that digital media are, literally, written" (Cramer and Gabriel 2001). Moreover, software may be read and executed as a mental act, "as it was common before computers were invented" (Cramer 2002), and code therefore could exist without a computer. German media theorist Friedrich Kittler was a strong advocate for "hardware over software. In his seminal text "There is No Software" (1995), Kittler proposed a materialist concept that favors the Turing machine as a circuitbased computational machine, claiming that software would only conceal the actual working of the hardware. In other words, according to Kittler we are losing our insight into the logic of the machine. Many programmers testify to their act of mentally visualizing the result of their code while writing, thereby executing code without actually using the physical machine (McWilliams 2009). The interchange between the machine and the programmer writing the code is certainly something that cannot be disputed, so it seems to make more sense to argue that the relationship between a programmer and a computer is a dialogue in which one does not necessarily supersede the other. Moreover, such a process does not only occur in the execu tion of the work but also in the process of creating it. For many digital artworks, and especially net art projects, hardware is considered as less important than software, even though the aesthetics of the hardware on which the work is presented may have influenced the appearance of the project itself-from the use of colors to the size and resolution of the computer screen, all of which are impor tant elements that (co)establish the aesthetics of artworks. This is not to say that presentation of net art pro jects outside of their "natural habitat"-for example, in an exhibition-might not ideally require specific hardware, but in some cases a fixation on hardware issues draws the attention away from the concept of the work, turning it into an object, or even a material fetish. It therefore could be argued that authenticity in a digital artwork can foremost be traced by examining software, the programming and the code. At the same time, authenticity of code is not a standalone feature, or material, because of the strong relation between writing and execution, and vice versa. Once again it makes more sense to refer to authentic alliances that affirm the aesthetic intertwining of several actions. Author the second identifier of authenticity is authorship of the respective work. The ques tions surrounding what is real and what is fictional, what is tangible and what is virtual, are almost synonymous with the questions raised by the Internet as environment where people frequently take on different or adapted identities. However, there are ways to at least find out who the owner of a web site is, for example by using the Internet service WhoIs. Everyone looking up e n a b l i n g the f u t u r e, o r h ow to s u rv i v e f o r e v e r 563 mouchette. Whereas Martine Neddam, hosting with Dreamhost, used to be visible as administration contact and registrant, she changed her data to conceal her identity a few years ago. If a domain name has changed its host or has been transferred to another registrar, the old value, the new value, and the date when the event occurred can be retrieved. However, it needs to be stressed that the owner of a domain name is not automatically also the author of the content of the web site. Different stakeholders may pose a problem for conservators when it comes to determining authenticity, and artists are often creating ambiguities with regard to the status of authorship(s). Ambiguity is an oftenfound characteristic of digital artworks and, although it may not be easily found or traced in either the presentation or back end of the work, it can be an extremely important element that, to a large extent, drives a work.

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