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By: M. Lars, MD

Co-Director, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

The amount of the request is clearly documented and does not exceed the net salary earned to date by the employee menopause increased libido discount xeloda 500 mg with amex. The maximum amount available shall be the regular wages earned to date during the calendar month of request menstrual 45 day cycle xeloda 500 mg. Acceptable Reasons the following is a listing of some of the acceptable reasons for applying for a hardship salary advance: Acts of vandalism that have caused significant damage to vehicle or residence that require immediate repair pregnancy 15 weeks buy discount xeloda 500mg on line. Emergency home repairs due to unforeseeable events such as fire menopause at 80 discount 500 mg xeloda overnight delivery, flooding, storm damage, theft, or vandalism. Unacceptable Reasons the following is a listing of examples of unacceptable reasons for hardship salary advances: Moving expenses. Other items that the employee should have planned and/or budgeted for since they are recurring, predictable expenses. Good judgment shall be used in requesting and in approving hardship salary advances. The employee shall submit a written request to his or her supervisor for a specific amount with sufficient explanation of the circumstances to indicate that it is an unforeseeable emergency and some supporting documentation that all other means of obtaining the necessary funds have been exhausted. If approved, sign the request and forward it to the designated reviewer with all appropriate supporting documentation. Designated Reviewer Prior to signing and forwarding the hardship salary advance request, the designated reviewer shall: Review the request for appropriateness. If approved, sign the request and forward it to the personnel office (with all appropriate supporting documentation). Personnel Office the personnel office shall: Determine the vacation leave, sick leave, dock, etc. Determine that the amount requested does not exceed the net salary earned to date. Determination may be based on payroll records of prior pay period or other appropriate method. May reduce the request so that the amount does not exceed the salary earned and/or net pay of the prior pay period. Accounting Office In addition to the normal revolving fund requirements, the Accounting Office shall: Issue the revolving fund check as approved by the Personnel Office. Follow normal collection procedures to clear the salary advance in a timely manner. Such housing unit assignments include, but are not limited to , the following: Security Housing Units. Have demonstrated a high degree of maturity, tolerance, and ability to cope with stressful situations. Exceptions may be made by the Warden/Superintendent when: the employee indicates a desire to remain. Take remedial action including placement in a less stressful assignment in or outside of the unit. Personnel records shall be maintained no longer than the period of time required by law or in accordance with the approved Department retention period established for the record. Complaints or investigations of complaints pertaining to the manner in which the employee participated or was perceived to have participated. Any other information, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. If the employee refuses to sign, the fact is noted on the document and it is then signed by a witness (usually the supervisor presenting the memorandum) prior to it being placed in the file. The employee has 30 calendar days in which to file a response to any adverse comment. If a response is made, it shall be attached to the document that contains the adverse comment. Information from employee personnel records (other than public information) shall be disclosed only as follows: To individuals whose official duties require they process or review such records including, but not limited to: Personnel staff. Advice of legal counsel will be sought where legality of disclosure is in question.

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Promise of Confidentiality Information should be classified as confidential only if it is judged to be highly sensitive and there was a promise of confidentiality womens health vest order xeloda 500 mg line. Threatens the Security of a Facility Information that menopause questions and answers discount xeloda 500mg with visa, if disclosed womens health day xeloda 500 mg with amex, might threaten the security of any jail women's health controversial issues discount 500mg xeloda, prison, or similar facility will be classified as confidential. Information Classified as Confidential by Other Agencies If departmental staff retains a confidential classification imposed by the agency that originated the information, the parolee may be referred to that agency for disclosure. California Department of Public Health Information classified as confidential by the California Department of Public Health may only be declassified if the departmental staff physician determines that its content does not warrant classification as confidential. If it is decided that the confidential classification will remain, the physician will note the reason on the report. Reports from Other Law Enforcement Agencies Reports from other law enforcement agencies, which are classified as confidential by the originating agency, will retain that classification. The parolee, attorney, or designated person may be referred to the originating agency for those records. All material classified as confidential shall be identified on the applicable form(s). General nature of each document classified as confidential, stated in such a way as to prevent the examiner from deducing the confidential information. The reviewer should discuss the intended declassification with the person who originally classified the information as confidential. A difference of opinion regarding the need for classification as confidential will be referred to the District Administrator or designee for a final decision. The staff person discovering any erroneous or misleading information will mark it as such and attach a correction or explanation. If the record(s) originated from an external agency, any request to correct or amend will be directed to the originator. Approval will be granted only under the following conditions: the information is clearly shown to be erroneous or misleading. The information has not been considered in any deliberation, determination, or action affecting the parolee. These persons and agencies may obtain copies of the criminal history record through the parole agent. Medical personnel able to provide continued methadone maintenance when the patient is traveling, incarcerated or hospitalized. Any such disclosure must be documented with the name of the patient, or assigned program case number, the date and time of the disclosure, the information disclosed and the names of the individuals by whom and to whom it was disclosed; and the purpose for the disclosure. A criminal justice agency which requires methadone maintenance as a condition of release, probation or parole, or as the disposition or status of any criminal proceedings against an individual, or pursuant to the execution or suspension of any sentence imposed upon him or her. To qualified persons conducting authorized scientific research, management audits, financial audits or program evaluation. The identity of individual patients may not be disclosed, either directly or indirectly, in any resulting report. The Unit Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all Parole Agents comply with the scheduling requirements of the contract and the meeting of operational needs. The Unit Supervisor shall approve the work schedule at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled month, unless it can be documented that the scheduled work hours as submitted would be detrimental to the needs of the office or would hinder the Parole Agent in the performance of his/her duties and responsibilities. The Unit Supervisor shall provide the Parole Agent with the written documentation if requested by the employee. The Unit Supervisor may assign the work schedule if the Parole Agent does not submit a monthly work schedule. Parole Agent the Parole Agent reports to the Unit Supervisor and is responsible for supervising parolees on their caseload. The Parole Agent is responsible for submitting a proposed work schedule to the Unit Supervisor for each month at least seven (7) calendar days, but no more than fourteen (14) calendar days, prior to the beginning of the scheduled work month. The Parole Agent is responsible for complying with the scheduled work hours once they are approved by the Unit Supervisor. Parole Agent requested changes in the work schedule, excluding emergencies, will require prior Unit Supervisor approval. Parole Agents will advise their Unit Supervisor of emergency changes in their approved work schedule no later than the next working day.

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The designation of an inmate as a member womens health nyc cheap 500mg xeloda fast delivery, associate women's health ketone diet xeloda 500mg with visa, or drop-out women's health clinic gold coast order xeloda 500mg line, or in need of protection from a prison gang shall be verified menopause youngest age order discount xeloda on-line, and all supporting documentation listed on the form. In many cases, it will be necessary to provide more than one item of verification. Any material or documents determined to indicate prison gang involvement or activity such as membership lists, enemy lists, gang constitutions, structure, codes, or training materials of specific groups. Individual or group photographs with gang connotations such as insignia or symbols or group photos with known gang members. Documented staff observations, which reasonably indicate and verify gang involvement or association. Such information can relate to street associations, crime partners, institutional associations, or visitors or correspondents of gang members. Where the circumstances of an offense reveal evidence of gang affiliation, the counselor shall check for such indicators as victim, gang related crime, crime partners, witnesses, ethnic consideration, area of commitment, or "home town. Documentation shall be made of visitors who are known gang "runners," street members, or members of an organization which associates with prison gangs. Official material detailing the voluntary statement of an inmate or parolee who claims to have dropped out from a prison gang or disruptive group. Specific medical or psychological information which would be medically/psychologically detrimental if known to the inmate or parolee. The hearing officer for a rules violation report shall ensure that the use of confidential information pertaining to the violation being adjudicated is properly disclosed and documented. The identity of a confidential source may be kept confidential if disclosure would endanger the source, any person, or institutional security. Whether documentation or other "circumstances surrounding the event" would lead the decision maker to believe the information is true. In the case of multiple confidential sources, the degree of reliability of each source shall include how each statement compares with the other statements, and the circumstances or evidence on which the conclusion of reliability was based. The type of information provided and, if possible, the date the information was provided. If two or more reliable informants give conflicting information, staff must provide a statement explaining why information provided by one source is more reliable than that provided by another. If two or more sources give conflicting information and all sources have not been determined to be reliable, then further efforts must be undertaken to determine the reliability of at least one source. The source implicates him/herself in criminal activity when providing the information. For example, a drug trafficker who identifies others and in doing so implicates him/herself. Part of the information provided is corroborated through investigation or by information provided by non-confidential sources. For example, a source provides information on the location of a weapon and the person responsible, and the location of the weapon proves true. Note: Extreme care shall be taken to ensure that the evaluation of reliability does not reveal the identity of the confidential source. Only case information, which meets the criteria for confidentiality shall be filed in the confidential material folder. If unclassified or inappropriately classified material is present, it shall be reclassified and appropriately refiled. Hand Deliver Material designated as confidential shall be either hand delivered by a staff person to the person responsible for placing it in the confidential folder of the C-file or parole field file, or it shall be placed inside of a sealed envelope which has been marked confidential and mailed to the office which maintains the Cfile or parole field file. Authorized Limited Disclosure Inmate/parolees shall be permitted to review their own debriefing reports, which may be designated confidential at their request. Disclosure of the debriefing report shall be authorized by the gang coordinator/investigator. Indicating the box number, when noted on the request form, assists the Archives Unit in locating the C-file. If there is a confidential folder, the counselor shall complete the Request for Discharged Confidential Folder form. If applicable, federal institutions and out-of-state agencies shall be contacted by the counselor.

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Domestic violence pregnancy bleeding order 500 mg xeloda with mastercard, abuse women's health clinic vienna austria purchase xeloda on line, neglect pregnancy due date predictor cheap xeloda 500 mg free shipping, drug abuse or alcoholism by either parent Five basic needs: a pregnancy outside the uterus buy xeloda 500 mg with mastercard. How You Can Help Strengthen Families Through Work With Parent or Caregivers Keys factors in working with parents and families a. Describe different ways the Home Care Worker can help care for the mentally ill client 8. Mental Health, Mental Illness and the Home Care Worker General guidelines for observing behavior a. Do not draw conclusions about the causes of behavior Role of the Home Care Worker with mentally ill clients and their families a. Assist in the recovery process Maintain safety for the client and the Home Care Worker a. Define a developmental disability List at least three types of developmental disabilities Discuss three possible differences in the functioning of people with developmental disabilities List two possible causes of developmental disabilities. Describe several ways in which developmental disabilities differs from mental illness Describe two reasons why an individual with developmental disabilities or their families might need home care Identify three current trends in the field of developmental disabilities and how this might affect the home care worker tasks Identify at least three skills of the home care workers in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities and/or their families List at least three performance standards and provide a positive example of each 5. Understanding Developmental Disabilities Definition of developmental disabilities a. Profound How developmental disabilities effect growth and development Causes of developmental disabilities a. Explain things in a way that people can understand and observe how the information is received. Encourage individuals to do as much as possible for themselves rather than doing for them g. List how family and environments can help people with disabilities achieve a better quality of life 3. Describe how lack of social and emotional support can impact a person with a physical disability 4. Describe social, cultural and environmental influences in caring for people with physical disabilities 7. Instrumental activities of daily living Impact of physical disability on quality of life a. How the Home Care Worker Can Help the Physically Disabled Home care goals for people with physical disabilities a. Assist client in making the environment as supportive as possible Social, cultural and environmental influences in caring for people with physical disabilities Situations in which people with physical disabilities may require home care 2. Describe the five major categories of nutrients Identify the importance of nutrients in promoting and maintaining good health. Plan well-balanced diets using the five major food groups Recall the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 State the guidelines for food preparation and serving. Identify ways to improve food shopping, storage, and handling Define the term "modified diet" Give examples of foods that should be avoided or encouraged for a variety of modified diets 10. Nutrients: individual elements that combine to make foods and enable us to live Proteins: 1. Function: to build and repair body tissues Sources: meats, fish, eggs, milk, soy and legumes Amount needed: varies according to size, age, activity level and state of health B. Function: to provide fuel for heat and energy Starches: grains, potatoes, beans, and peas Sugar: fruit, vegetables, and sweeteners Fiber: assist in digestion D. Function: protect vital organs, insulate the body, prevent heat loss, and carrier of nutrients Sources: meat, fish, eggs, nuts, milk, and butter Polyunsaturated fats: corn, soy, safflower and sunflower oils; Saturated fats: butter, coconut oil and peanut oil. Vitamin A: helps keep skin in good condition and facilitates bone growth Vitamin B: helps nervous and digestive systems function properly Vitamin C: strengthens walls of blood vessels and aids in healing of wounds and bones Vitamin D: builds strong bones and teeth Vitamin E: anti-oxidant 3.

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