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By: V. Thordir, M.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo

Very occasionally heart attack party tribute to trey songz zestoretic 17.5 mg sale, potassium retention may lead to hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis and may be the sole presentation (see Potassium depletion hypertension young adults generic 17.5mg zestoretic with visa, later) arteria radial generic zestoretic 17.5 mg line. It may occur spontaneously or in response to infection or drugs such as morphine or anaesthetic agents blood pressure graph buy generic zestoretic 17.5mg line. There are sometimes sudden fluctuations of mood, or episodes of marked anxiety and irritability. Cleghorn (1965) described mental symptoms of apathy and negativism in 80% of cases, depressive withdrawal and irritability in 50%, whilst suspiciousness was seen in 15%, agitated behaviour in 10% and paranoia with delusions in 5%. Memory impairment also occurs in up to three-quarters of cases (Michael & Gibbons 1963). Mild dementia may be simulated on account of the mental anergia, poverty of thought and general air of indifference. Considerable perceptual impairment may also be seen, with increased thresholds to tactile, auditory and olfactory stimuli (Leigh & Kramer 1984). Drowsiness can be conspicuous, although increased irritability, restlessness and insomnia are also seen. The severity of the changes may fluctuate over time, varying directly with the severity of the endocrine disorder. However, Cleghorn (1951) reported examples of acute and chronic paranoia, hallucinatory states and schizophreniform psychoses. Such disturbances may be very shortlived and are sometimes intimately related to impending crises. McFarland (1963) reviewed reports of 10 patients with schizophrenia, six with affective psychosis and one with organic psychosis and concluded that the form of psychotic development was unpredictable. One of his patients presented with hypomania that masked the adrenal disorder until the patient lapsed into coma after electroconvulsive treatment, when severe hyponatraemia was discovered. Weight loss, hypotension and pigmentation may all be seen, for example, in carcinoma, tuberculosis, malabsorption or malnutrition. It is therefore essential to investigate adrenal function adequately before making the diagnosis. Hyponatraemia is present in about 90% of cases of primary adrenal insufficiency, and hyperkalaemia in 65% (Kong 1994); thus normal serum sodium and potassium values do not preclude the diagnosis. This will show a failure of serum cortisol response at 30 or 60 minutes after injection of 250 g of tetracosactide in primary adrenal failure whereas in secondary hypoadrenalism the response may be delayed. The commonest changes are similar to those expected in chronic physical exhaustion: depres- Endocrine Diseases and Metabolic Disorders 651 suspected secondary adrenal deficiency (Arlt & Allolio 2003). Assessment of adrenal cortex autoantibodies, especially those directed against 21-hydroxylase, may also be helpful especially in suspected isolated primary adrenal insufficiency. From the psychiatric point of view an erroneous diagnosis of a neurotic or stress-related disorder or early dementia may easily be made. The depression and generalised weakness may be attributed to neurasthenia, especially when pigmentation is slight and serum electrolytes are normal. The impression of a neurotic or stress-related disorder is strengthened by the anorexia, irritability and diminished libido, and by the fluctuation of symptoms over time. Dementia, or a chronic amnesic syndrome, is suggested when memory difficulties are prominent. Treatment and outcome Chronic glucocorticoid replacement with hydrocortisone is usually given in two or three daily doses, with the majority given in the morning to mimic physiological secretion patterns. Adequate replacement therapy is usually highly successful in alleviating most physical and mental disturbances. Malnutrition Severe chronic malnutrition is accompanied by welldescribed psychological changes: apathy, emotional lability and impairment of memory. Much of the early literature on the effects of chronic severe malnutrition came from studies of survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and prisoner of war camps in Germany, Russia and the Far East (Helweg-Larsen et al. These suggested that neurotic symptoms did not develop and antecedent psychoneurotic and compulsive symptoms disappeared, with interest becoming focused on food alone (Thygesen et al.

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Burkle and Lipowski (1978) describe a patient in whom memory deficits were accompanied by such prominent psychiatric disorder that the organic nature of her troubles was at first overlooked blood pressure 60 0 discount zestoretic master card. A woman of 24 complained of increasing depression blood pressure 15090 zestoretic 17.5mg with mastercard, sleepiness arrhythmia pathophysiology order zestoretic, loss of interest and memory lapses hypertension leg pain order zestoretic 17.5 mg amex. On examination she was disoriented for the day of the week, showed poor recall of objects, but had no neurological abnormalities. Further examination confirmed marked impairment of judgement and recent memory, and she was considered to be affectively flat rather than depressed. A colloid cyst was removed and she ultimately made a full recovery (Burkle & Lipowski 1978). Somnolence and hypersomnia are frequent with diencephalic tumours and consequently have some localising value, for example in a patient with disturbances of memory or intellect. It is necessary to distinguish true hypersomnia from the impairment of consciousness that results from raised intracranial pressure. The hypersomnia due to diencephalic lesions is essentially an excess of normal sleep, and when roused the patient awakens normally and fully; patients with torpor due to raised intracranial pressure may Cerebral Tumours 293 similarly be roused, but usually display muddled awareness and obvious intellectual impairment. Very rarely, attacks virtually undistinguishable from idiopathic epilepsy or cataplexy occur, with uncontrollable drowsiness and weakness of the limbs. Frequently, but not invariably, the sleep disturbances are accompanied by other evidence of hypothalamic disorder, such as amenorrhoea, diabetes insipidus or voracious appetite. Disturbances of thermoregulation may cause pyrexia and lead to a mistaken diagnosis of an infective process. Tumours affecting the hypothalamus or third ventricular region in childhood, such as pinealomas or craniopharyngiomas, can lead to delayed sexual development or occasionally to precocious puberty. When caused by a cystic tumour that can be aspirated, the akinetic mutism can be potentially reversible. A patient of 39 was found at post-mortem to have a teratoma of the third ventricle which had destroyed the hypothalamus, but without evidence of hydrocephalus or cortical damage. For a year before the signs of the tumour developed he had become irritable, hypersensitive, aggressive, unreasonable and stubborn, in contrast to his previous personality. He had shown periods of great excitement, and frequently flew into a rage over trivial matters. Meanwhile, his business judgement had become impaired and he had become careless of responsibilities. In the fully developed state he makes no sound and lies inert, except that his eyes regard the observer steadily, or follow the movement of objects, and they may be diverted by sound. Despite his steady gaze, which seems to give promise of speech, the patient is quite mute or answers only in whispered monosyllables. Oft-repeated commands may be carried out in a feeble, slow and incomplete manner, but usually there are no movements of a voluntary character, no restless movements, struggling or evidence of negativism. A painful stimulus produces reflex withdrawal of the limb and, if the stimulus is sustained, slow feeble voluntary movements of the limbs may occur in an attempt to remove the source of stimulation, but usually without tears, noise or other manifestations of pain or displeasure. Thalamic tumors Patients with thalamic tumors have been reported to show early and severe dementia, which may run a rapid course (Lagares et al. In two, severe dementia coexisted with little evidence of raised intracranial pressure or ventricular dilatation, and at post-mortem examination the tumour had not extended widely into the surrounding white matter. The focal lesion may therefore be significant in itself in causing intellectual disturbance. However, neurological signs may be absent, as in the case of a 65-year-old woman with bilateral thalamic glioma who presented with personality changes and progressive cognitive deterioration (Kouyialis et al. Reeves and Plum (1969) reported a patient whose dementia was accompanied by outbursts of rage and marked hyperphagia; at post-mortem, a circumscribed hamartoma was found in the hypothalamus. It is now recognised that hypothalamic hamartomas may present with aggression, precocious puberty and gelastic seizures (Weissenberger et al.

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