Boyle Lecture on Science and Religion

ISSR is proud to announce that the 2022 Boyle Lecture on Science and Religion will be given by Prof Christopher Southgate, Professor of Christian Theodicy at University of Exeter, on the topic of
“God and a World of Natural Evil: Theology and Science in Hard Conversation”
The 2022 Boyle Lecture will be held at 7:00am NZ time on Tuesday 8th February 2022.
More information HERE
The video will be openly available via Youtube live-stream (no registration required) on the ISSR channel: HERE

Our biennial lecture Conference is now happening on 11-12 February 2022
the evening of Friday 11 February, and the morning of Saturday 12 February,
on ‘Freedom in Theology, Science and Culture‘.
Hybrid this year, so in person at Maclaurin Chapel, Auckland, and online.
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Freedom, free will and liberty are much contested ideas in philosophy, theology, science and law.
Newer discoveries in neuroscience and animal studies have only exacerbated older tensions.
Scholars from New Zealand, Australia and the UK will present papers on Freedom at a two-day hybrid conference,
11-12 February.