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Karl Popper said, “we study not disciplines, but problems. Often, problems transcend the boundaries of a particular discipline.”

Our Māori name, Te Kāhui Whakapono ki Nga Kaipūtaiao o Te Motu,  means the enlightened ones who investigate the Universe on the Islands. We may not yet be fully enlightened, but we want to investigate questions which have no disciplinary borders, questions which get interesting at the borders between disciplines, and questions which are even beyond the disciplines.

At NZCIS we acknowledge the ongoing tension between the worlds of science and faith, but we are also convinced that the most important and the most fascinating questions emerge on this boundary, and always have done. We examine enduring problems which impinge on life and death, the nature of being human, and questions, such as: where is God?; Are we free?; How did we evolve?; How is technology changing our minds?; What are our minds?; What are persons?; Is everything material?; What is the nature of sin?  We want to investigate the extent of the universe and how we understand it as creation.

On a planet in crisis, we also have a mandate to educate, inform and dialogue on the science, technology, theology, and ethics of climate change and to partner with Māori in the call to kaitiaki. 

We are here for scientists, and science students, but NZCIS is here also for theologians, people of faith and for those in and on the borders of Churches. We welcome dialogue with other faiths, and we exist to give another response to all those who come with burning questions that science raises about our place in the world. Please join us and help to make NZCIS a vibrant community across the country.

Listen while Jake, who was part of the founding group of NZCIS explains his testimony.

Listen while Emma Belcher, who works with students in Auckland, talks about why she loves NZCIS.