Associate membership

If you are an interested member of the public, or a scientist or philosopher of some other faith,  please sign up to be kept up to date with NZCIS events and resources. We welcome donations if you want to support the work of uniting science and faith in New Zealand. We are a non-profit organisation (Tax number) and your donations are eligible for a tax deduction. Associate Membership is $50.

Student membership

If you are a science student (including engineering and medicine and IT) please sign up for a free membership.

Full membership

Full membership is for Christian professional scientists in universities, research institutes or industry. We will keep you informed on what we are doing around New Zealand including events that you can attend or watch online. Often when students come to university they look for a church to attend. If you are happy to provide the name of the church you currently attend, this may help a student come along and join your congregation. We will not provide this list publically online.

Membership for those employed is $100. This will contribute to the ongoing success of NZCIS


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