The Department of Theology and Religion will be offering a paper on Christian Theology and Science for the fourth time in the pre-Christmas Summer School, from November – December 2024. The relationship between Christian theology and science has for the most part been a rich and constructive one, occasional tensions notwithstanding. This paper will explore the history of the relationship between these two spheres of human enquiry and investigate the current prospects for fruitful interaction between theology and science.

The paper can be taken on campus or by Distance, so you can join in the paper at home in Auckland, Hokitika or Bluff, or from wherever you have a good internet connection.

It will be taught by Dr Nicola Hoggard who specialises in the interface between evolutionary theory and theology. Dr Hoggard is currently Director of NZCIS. Her PhD is in theology but her original training was in mathematics and biology. Her latest book, Animal Suffering and the Problem of Evil  was published by Oxford University Press in 2013.

The paper can be taken at 200 or 300 level:

CHTH235: Christian Theology and Science

CHTH335: Christian Theology and Science (Advanced)