Luca Tovey Duckworth

Rev’d Luca Tovey Duckworth

NZCIS Mentee


Luca and her husband have begun a Deacon Assistant role with the Anglican church following two and a half years of theological study. Before this, they led and helped design a programme for school leavers (18-21), exploring social and environmental justice issues in Aotearoa and overseas (Better World Gap Year). She has worked for Praxis Youth Development (ARO project) and completed a Master’s in science communication (MSocSci, VUW). 

She is passionate about community engagement. She lived for four years in Newtown, living and working in council flats as part of an M.O.U. between Wellington City Council and a community-facing NGO, Urban Vision. While completing her postgraduate study she was part of a community supporting students, co-leading this for 3 years. She has five years of hospitality experience, including managing a small shipping container café offering employment to teenagers needing work experience. She has also run programmes for primary and secondary school students and tutored at secondary and tertiary levels. She is a vegetarian, a keen tramper, a strategic board game enthusiast, and she loves hosting visitors and reading the global news over coffee each morning.