The NZCIS Conference on Freedom has been postponed for the 2nd time due to Covid restrictions … new date 11-12 February 2022.

Our biennial lecture Conference is now happening on 11-12 February 2022
the evening of Friday 11 February, and the morning of Saturday 12 February,
on ‘Freedom in Theology, Science and Culture‘.
Hybrid this year, so in person at Maclaurin Chapel, Auckland, and online.

Register at Eventbright HERE
$30 for general. Discount registration for students and low income: $10

Freedom, free will and liberty are much contested ideas in philosophy, theology, science and law.
Newer discoveries in neuroscience and animal studies have only exacerbated older tensions.
Scholars from New Zealand, Australia and the UK will present papers on Freedom:

Speakers and topics:

Martin Samson (PhD Cand., Flinders University) The Evolution of Consciousness and the Evolution of Freedom, Love and Morality A Physiology of Freedom

Dr. Nicola Hoggard Creegan (Co-Director, NZCIS) Three Movements of Freedom

Dr. Christa McKirland (Lecturer Systematic Theology, Carey) Do We Need Autonomy?

Dr. Cameron Surrey (Chaplain, Newman Hall) Freedom, Fate, and the Fall

Dr. John Owens SM (Lecturer in Philosophy, Catholic Theological College) Freedom and Personal Life

Jaimee Poole (PhD Cand., Otago University) Condemned to be Free: An Existentialist Vision of the Problem of Freedom 

Dr. Yael Cameron (Lecturer, AUT) Twists and Turns in the Antarctic:  a Critical-Creative Encounter with Freedom and the Biblical Text on Behalf of the Southern Ocean

Margaret Bedggood TSSF (Honorary Professor of Law, Waikato) Searching for ‘Life In Larger Freedom’: A Human Rights Perspective

D.T.  Everhart (PhD Cand., St Andrews) Freedom For the Other: On Christian Freedom and Group Ontology