October 2023 Conference: Speaker Names and Topics

Can we imagine a doctrine of the fall that is true of evolutionary science and leaves room for hope?
The Fall in Science and Theology promotion


Dates: October 27th and 28th 2023
Location: Parnell Conference Centre, 10/20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052


Key-note Speakers

Dr Bethany Sollereder

Dr. Bethany Sollederer

Dr. Bethany Sollereder is a research coordinator at the University of Oxford. She specialises in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering. Bethany received her PhD in theology from the University of Exeter and an MCS in interdisciplinary studies from Regent College, Vancouver.

Dr Kathleen Rusthon RSM

Dr. Kathleen Rushton RSM

Kathleen P. Rushton RSM is an independent biblical interpreter who was a lecturer at Christchurch campus of Te Kupenga – Catholic Theological College and is a Teaching Fellow at Trinity Methodist College, Auckland. Her research focuses on  anticipatory readings of John’s Gospel which aim to accommodate both biblical hope and science’s unfinished universe.  

Other Speakers

Dr. Bethany Sollereder, Edinburgh University: 

Death and Animal Suffering before Humans: Rethinking the Effects of the Fall

Dr. Sarah Beattie, Wellington:  

Driven from Eden: The Tree of Knowledge as the Tree of Reason

Dr. Kathleen Rushton RSM, Christchurch:

Participating with Jesus in Completing the Works of God in an Unfinished, Evolving Universe: Towards an Anticipatory Reading of the Gospel according to John

Rev’d Dr. Anne Van Gend, Bishop’s Enabler, Dunedin, 

Falling in Fantasy

Assoc. Prof. Doru Costache, Sydney College of Divinity: 

Creation’s Natural Mortality and the Fall: Patristic Perspectives 

Dr. Joshua Wilson Black, Canterbury University: 

Error and Evil in Peirce’s Evolutionary Theism

Dr. Emily Colgan & Dr. Aroha RountreeSt John’s/Trinity: 

I te Tīmatanga/In the Beginning: An Intertextual Reading of Hine Tītama and Eve

Dr. Jay Matanga, Auckland:  

Will To Knowledge: Sin as the Human Capacity to Judge 

Dr. Christa McKirland, Carey College: 
If Original Sin is Negotiable, What Isn’t? An Exploration in Non-Negotiables 

Dr. John Owens SM, Catholic Theological College: 
The Fall and “Modern” Philosophy

Rev. John Howell, Wellington: 
The Choice in Genesis 2:15-17

Joanne Watt:
The Necessary Fall

Ripeka Templeton BijlSt John’s College:
Leaving Eden – Imaginatively interpreting the Genesis 3 and 4 Fall narrative as an allegory for Te Tiriti 

Dr. Jonathan Robinson, Carey College: 
The Biblical Evolution of Satan in Theistic Evolutionary Perspective 

Assoc. Prof. Michael Mawson, University of Auckland:  
In Defense of Fallenness: Retrieving a Relational Harmartiology in Response to the Climate Crisis

Dr. Martin Samson, Sydney:  
Revisiting fallenness: a search for meaning in the world we live in.

Rev. Dr. Hugh Bowron, Christchurch: 
The Three Offers of God: A Possible Alternative and Defensible Doctrine of the Fall  

Dr. Drew Everhart, University of Leeds
Cursed is the Ground because of You: Flourishing, Fallenness and a Relational Theology of Land

Prof. Carolyn King, Waikato:
Meeting the serpent in a space-age garden

Emma Belcher, Topic coming

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