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Animals and Humans: Closer than you think

Animals and Humans: Closer than you think

Humans are animals. We can be in no doubt. Not only are humans animals but we bear the unmistakable fingerprint in our DNA of being related, by ancestry, to animals. So why did God allow us to develop as animals, as animals related by ancestry to other animals? And what did he intend by those other animals, especially ones that we would never eat or have a practical use for – the hyena, horse-flies, hummingbirds?
James Webb telescope – seeing the unseen.

James Webb telescope – seeing the unseen.

"As a Christian, I hold to the view that there is more to life than what we see in the physical realm. Truth is not confined to physical reality but reaches deep into the unseen from which we derive moral sensibility and a profound sense of place and meaning. And if indeed the physical universe is Created then the ultimate truth surely is to be found in the search for our Creator. We as humans build our lives around the as-yet unseen and it is only natural that we should reach out to the ultimate Unseen."

Attachment to God in Christian life

For the last fifty years Christians have been exposed to relational theology. Yet our understanding of Christians in relationship with God has scarcely benefited from psychological and neuroscientific advances in attachment as a foundational relational theory.

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